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Cryptos Monopoly

Cryptos Monopoly Helps and Advices people to change their financial fate. We are focused on helping people master the art of Crypto Trading & Investing. We also help you learn the most advance strategies in the market.

Our Focus is to help people around the world to grow their wealth with the help of Crypto Trading & Investing.

Our Mission is to educate and create industry leading traders & investors by sharing our knowledge and skills with them.

Learn Advance Trading strategies directly from the Industry Leading Experts

The Founder's Story

About Daksh

Daksh was from a middle class family in India who went from being a terribly shy introvert, in student loan , working 9-5 to live from paycheck to paycheck to a Full Time Professional Trader, CEO of Cryptos Monopoly and other companies, author and ultimately living his life on his own terms with complete freedom.

Daksh faced a lot of challenges and hassles while getting started with Crypto Trading & Investing also had to lose a lot of money because of lack of information and a lot of misinformation about Cryptos online.

That's why he decided to start Cryptos Monopoly and revolutionise the way people learn about Cryptos. The knowledge that is shared on Cryptos Monopoly has been taken out from years of experience and practice in the Crypto Market.

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