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Imagine jumping from one virtual world to the next, or from one universe to the next, and bringing your avatars, weapons and ammunition, equipment, partners, and armor with you from one world to the next.


Not only that, at that time you're wielding a legendary sword that's been with you throughout the universe.


I want you to think about that for an instant.


This is going to be fantastic, right?


Well, this is not a farfetched dream; this is now becoming the new gaming reality.


And to make it more awesome, Enjin has made its flagship product called Enjin network.


In this blog, I am going to tell you everything about Enjin and its coin ENJ to Enjin Coin.


What is Enjin?
What is an Enjin coin?
Enjin’s gaming ecosystem
Who is the founder of Enjin?
Is Enjin a good investment?
How much will the Enjin coin be worth?
What is the future of Enjin Coin?


We are trying to find answers from the beginning of mankind's evolution. Recently I read about Anaximander, a Greek philosopher who lived in the 500s BC, who observed that human children are born helpless and assumed that humans must have inherited from another type of creature whose infant could survive without any help.

And, he is correct to some extent.


He had his concept of evolution. You can agree or disagree with him it is your choice, but we indeed managed to learn how to use fire because we needed a way to stay warm and also try to frighten predators away, or we were used to playing games before we could speak or even stand on two legs. To be honest, we have no idea who invented fire or what the first games we played were.


There is evidence of dice rolling around 3000 years ago or even before that, we played board games, card games, or outdoor games in the world.


From this, we can conclude that humans have been playing games for centuries, and they are a part of the human experience.


And on that note, the one thing that has been revolving around the gaming universe is blockchain-based games; specifically, a name that is making a lot of noise these days is Enjin.


What is Enjin?

what is Enjin?

Enjin is a gaming company that created an ecosystem that uses blockchain-based technology based on decentralization, and it has completely changed the way games are crafted, monetized, and played. Enjin has also created a decentralized gaming platform called Enjin network to manage, distribute, and trade NFTs.


This is known as the Enjin network.


To understand Enjin, Imagine jumping from one virtual world to the next, or from one universe to the next, and bringing your avatars, weapons and ammunition, equipment, partners, and armor with you from one world to the next.


Not only that, at that time when you are traveling among the multiverse, you're wielding a legendary sword that's been with you throughout the universes.


This is going to be fantastic, right?


Enjin is doing exactly that.


Well, there are many projects which are making a difference in the NFT market like Paribus, but making a decentralized gaming platform for managing, distributing, and trading NFTs is altogether a different domain. Enjin is attempting to introduce a new mode of virtual ownership to gamers and content creators through NFTs.


Enjin allows online gamers to bring or trade their assets from game to game and community to community, filling their digital wallet with real money as they play.


And one thing that may surprise you is that it is the largest online gaming community creation platform based in Singapore, which was launched in 2009.


Enjin currently has 250,000 gaming communities across thousands of games, 18.7 million registered gamers, and millions of US dollars poured into Enjin each month to make virtual goods sales across Enjin community stores, and it is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies.


What is an Enjin coin? 


What is an Enjin coin?


ENJ, or Enjin coin, is the utility token used by Enjin.


According to the team behind it, ENJ is the first cryptocurrency with a genuine purpose for online gamers, it is like to the gaming industry, just like filecoin and Sia is to the storage services.


It can be used for a variety of purposes, including earning, trading, and purchasing NFTs in the most popular gaming community.


Enjin's development tools allow game publishers, game servers, and communities to manage virtual goods and in-game items across multiple platforms.


Enjin has its native wallet where players can trade items. This wallet can be linked to multiple games, and users can use their guns, weapons, and other equipment within each platform or even outside the wallet.


Enjin’s gaming ecosystem


Enjin’s gaming ecosystem


There are numerous games available in the Enjin ecosystem that are enjoyed by a large number of people, some of which are as follows:


Lost Relics, 
Age of Rust, 
The Six Dragons, 
Forest knight, 
Ether legends, 
War of ants, 
Containment corps, 
Bitcoin hodler, 

and many more.

Who is the founder of Enjin?


Who is the founder of Enjin?


Enjin has one of the most powerful teams in the crypto world:


Maxim Blagov, who is the CEO and Creative Director of the company.


He is Enjin's co-founder, creative director, and visionary with 15+ years of experience in creative direction, project management, and UX design.

He is an expert in the development of concepts and strategies for large interactive applications, with a focus on the video gaming industry.


Witek Radomski, the CTO of the company


Witek has been in charge of Enjin's technical engineering for nearly a decade. He is an advocate for best practices in software security, design, and testing.


Josh Woelfel, the Full-stack Engineer,


Josh is a professional and a team leader with extensive full-stack development experience. He specializes in REACT, PHP, and Javascript and has created several full-scale applications that are used by a large number of Enjin users today. 


Lilia Pritchard, the Marketing / Operations Lead


Lilia has 10+ years of marketing experience, expertise in forming partnerships with industry-leading game publishers, and on-the-ground social media and community interactions with a significant number of users. Lilia has useful insights into strategic trends as well as a strong ability to execute campaigns.

Is Enjin a good investment?


Is Enjin a good investment?


Well, in the crypto market, the risk is always a factor, but if we look at the recent blockchain-based gaming market and analyze the price of the ENJ recent price or ENJ price prediction, we can say that ENJ is a good investment for the long term.

The main strength of the ENJ is its gaming community of the world, which is one of the largest in the world and it is available in all the major exchanges which makes it the perfect gaming cryptocurrency and because of the recent boom I can say that it will have some upside from here and it will grow soon, and it could increase more than 200% in next five years just like ANKR and other blue-chip cryptocurrencies, but DYOR before investing.

How much will the Enjin coin be worth?

the current price of ENJ, when I am writing this blog, is nearly the 3 dollar mark with a 24-hour trading volume of 422 million US dollars, and the current market cap ranking is #65, with a live market cap of  2 billion US dollars. It has a circulating supply of 835 ENJ coins and a maximum supply of 1 billion ENJ coins, and if it goes from this projection it will soon become the number one gaming platform in the world.

What is the future of Enjin Coin?


What is the future of Enjin Coin?


I think, the year 2022 will be a very good year for the gaming industries and ENJ will be the leading among them. We all know that predicting the future is not anyone's forte but one thing is sure, the past of the ENJ was very good and if everything goes according to the current scenario upcoming years will be very good for ENJ. It has an experienced team, the biggest community of blockchain-based games, and above all a supportive fan base.


If all goes together then we will see this, going astronomical in recent times.

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