How to make quick money from NFTs?

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If you look around, everyone, from celebrities to respected companies, all is talking about launching their NFTs.


There is no doubt that Non-Fungible Tokens are the most popular trend in the crypto world right now, but all of them are not good, some of them can make you rich while some of them are just pieces of crap.


But, it is also true that NFTs can make you rich overnight. There are some examples in the past where people became rich overnight, just in one transaction of their NFT.


In this blog, I am going to tell you about some tips and techniques through which you can make money from NFTs.


What are NFTs?

Create your NFT and sell them
Stake your NFTs
Trade with NFTs
NFT based gaming
Joining the startup



If you are living in the crypto world then you have heard of a crypto trend that is moving along with us right now known as NFTs or Non-fungible tokens.


NFTs are shining, gleaming, and glowing all over the internet. And because of this, many artists, creators, and investors have made exceptional figures that helped them to grow and even flourish in the crypto market.


Well, NFTs are not new in the crypto space, the history of NFTs goes back to the era of the emergence of colored coins of the bitcoin network, but that’s story is for another time.


Right now NFTs  have made a sound in the world with massive $69.3 million sales of an NFT by Beeple, which has broken over the internet and changed the perspective of people towards these digital collectibles assets,


And soon after, that a number of people are getting on with NFTs.


They are buying, selling, and investing tons of new fancy collectibles in the crypto universe, to get maximum gain out of it.


With so much advancement and immense popularity of these NFTs, artists and creators are taking so much interest and paying attention and researching it more thoroughly.


Considering all these things, one thing is clear, NFTs are not a passing trend, it is growing at a much faster rate and you need to be as quick as possible to its speed to cope up with them.


So let’s dive and know how to make money from NFTs.


What are NFTs?


What are NFTs??


Before jumping into money matters, let’s take a detour and understand a little bit about NFTs. I have already made a detailed blog about what are NFTs but let’s understand it in short.


NFTs or Non-fungible Tokens (it is what they are called) are like digital collector’s cards which happen to be unique in the world of crypto.


Or in some more technical words,


they are crypto tokens like QTUM or VRA, but they are created on a smart contracts platform like Ethereum, or Cardano that carries value as art.


NFTs could be anything it could be GIF, JPEG, music, dog sounds, and a photo of your car, your personal notes, I mean it could be literally anything.


Now let’s come to our main topic how to make money from NFTs.


Create your NFT and sell them


create your NFT and sell them?


“Everyone is Unique and Special in their own way”, and if you are some kind of artist or creator and you want your work to be properly recognized and get monetized, then you can use them as Non Fungible tokens.


In simple words, ”create something and sell it as NFTs”.


You can create anything; it could be music, audio clip, digital art, or any other,  what you are good at.


So if you want to earn some extra money, this is a great opportunity for you to make money.


Stake your NFTs


stake your nft?


If you are active in crypto I am sure you’ve heard of staking. But those who don’t know what it is, let me tell you in short,


Staking is the process to put your crypto to work and earning rewards on it,


as simple as that.


Just like that, you can stake your NFTs means you can safely keep your NFTs as stake and in return, you will get rewarded with some share of stake.


And through this staking method, you can win tons of rewards and names,  and fame on various websites.


Trade with NFTs


trade with nfts?


There is a saying in trading that says, “a trader look for consistency and gambler looks for a quick profit”.


And trading with NFTs is exactly that. You can easily trade your NFTs by selling them or buying them in profitable deals.


In fact, if you pay close attention to it then you can make 1000 times more than its initial price.


But as I said in my previous blogs, there is no free lunch. Some NFTs could make you a millionaire or some of them are just pieces of crap. So DYOR before going into this trading part.


NFT based gaming


nft based gaming?


This is one of my personal favorite techniques, this is the first time in history where you can play games to earn NFTs. There are literally hundreds of games available in the blockchain where you can earn just by playing games.


Joining the startup


joining the startup?


And the last technique to earn money is by getting into a new NFTs startup. currently, there is a number of new startups with strong backing are coming into the crypto space.


all you have to do is DYOR and you can become one of the active members of such startups and earn money.


These are some techniques by which you can earn some money from NFTs.


Mark my word, NFTs are not a passing trend, it has their roots in the past, and it has seen the ups and downs of the crypto market from the inception of bitcoin to getting 69.3$ m from a single NFTs.


So, don’t lose this bus to earn some passive income.


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