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Revain is one of the strongest crypto available for purchase right now. If you want to invest in this Revains project, it will provide you with a collection of Revain coins, which can later be converted to our fiat currencies or any other currency.


Revain is a platform that provides genuine user feedback on various blockchain products. It also reviews various projects such as the DeFi application, cryptocurrency exchanges, and digital wallets, and the companies use the REV token to reward expert authors for writing honest reviews of products.


When I am writing this blog, the price of Revain has suddenly risen to a level, and users have been searching the internet for information on ‘why is Revain rising?' and Revain price prediction.


It is built on Ethereum and Tron and uses its network and technology.


It offers two native cryptocurrencies, REV and RVN.


In this blog, we'll discuss Revain and its token REV.


What is Revain?

History of Revain.

How does this work?

Fake Review Filter

Features of Revain

REV and RVN token of Revain

What it has achieved so far?

Current market value

Should you invest in it?

What do you think about Revain?


From online shopping to restaurants, from buying stocks to acquiring insurance, we are influenced by what other people think,




Review is everything in the internet world. We are looking for reviews everywhere on the internet and it makes it incredibly appealing to us. So, when we book an Uber cab and learn that the driver's rating is 4.6, we feel confident.


But there is no guarantee that the review is genuine or not, the reliability of the review is equally important to us, and in today’s topic, we will discuss an important project which is working on this field to resolve such issues. 


The name of this project is Revain, its token name is REV.


What is Revain?


what is Revain



"In the age of the internet, the authenticity of a review is very much important."


As we all know, modern technology is primarily based on word of mouth, and most of the innocent people of our world are uninformed, they don’t know much about the tactics of well-prepared news, and blogs.


This leads to fraud and dissatisfaction which creates a negative impact not only for such companies but also for entire industries.


To overcome such problems,

Revain came into the market with an exciting concept;


“It builds a platform that is purely dedicated to providing information and reviews of other companies and products. "


The main idea was to debunk the claims and misconceptions regarding blockchain-based organizations in the world.


Revain is a blockchain-based platform whose goal is to

  1. Develop a medium that can prevent review manipulation and,

  2. Offer customers fair and factually correct reviews,

  3. REV is its utility-based cryptocurrency that works on the Ethereum network.

currently, there are many companies in the market, which are using Revain. some of them are

  1. LGBTQ Network Foundation
  2. Lighter Capital
  3. Beyond The Game Network
  4. Republic Labs
  5. OCP Asia



History of Revain.

Revain logo

Revain is founded in 2018.


  1. Revain team has nearly two dozen experienced professionals who are dedicated to the platform.


  1. The team is headed by co-founder and CEO Rinat Arslanov, he is currently finishing his Ph.D. from Russian University and has 10+ years of experience in various fields. Revain is his dream project.


  1. Other co-founding members are Grigor Aproyan, who is the Chief Financial Officer, and Alexey Belashenko, who is a legal expert and Chief Operating Officer.



This team also has Dmitri Fedotov, he is the CEO of Resume Games, and board members of reputed tech companies around the world including the US and Asia.




How does this work?


Working of Revain blockchain


Let’s discuss its working:


  1. Revain permits its users to write reviews of companies, products, and services;


  1. It also places a strong emphasis on the responses of the companies that are being evaluated.


  1. Companies that have been reviewed have the right to remark or object if they believe the review did not do them justice.

    This feature allows both sides to express their opinions, making reviews more objective.


Like most of the other internet sites, Revain uses a five-star rating system. Along with the review, users must give the company a rating.


Fake Review Filter


Fake Review Filter


Revain has very strict requirements for filtering unbiased and high-quality reviews. They are the following:


  1. AI Filtering- As soon as a person submits a review, the review is run through an AI filtering machine,

    Revain called it the Review Automatic Filtering (RAF) system. This AI machine looks for spam, fraudulent reviews, spelling mistakes, and other red flags, and if it finds anything suspicious, the review is instantly dismissed.


  2. Manual verification- Let's say it gets through the AI, and then it's time for manual verification.

    In this, a person (Revain called him moderator) will go through the whole review as a manual checking, and if he discovers something that is against the rules, he can remove it.

  3. Company defense- The Company has the authority to examine the reviews.

     They can object to a review if they find something which doesn't follow the guidelines of their product.


  4. Moderation- So, everything went well, and the review was finally published. After that any dispute arises on the posted review, the moderator will investigate the whole situation, and in the end, his decision will be final and binding.

    A user's or a company's account can be suspended by a moderator.


Features of Revain.

  1. Revain offers AI-based blockchain technology to verify that reviews are fair and that users receive valuable and helpful feedback.

    Users get paid just by writing reviews on the Revain Platform.


  2. To tackle the problem of fake reviews, Revain has created a way that makes it unfavorable for competitors to publish a big number of bogus reviews.

    The company on Revain can set their rules to monitor the quality of reviews if any review doesn’t meet the set standard then the company has every right to object to it.


  3. Users will be given three lifelines;

    if three of their reviews are refused, a fourth warning will be issued, and the user will be removed from the platform without receiving any monies earned up to that point.


REV and RVN token of Revain

Revain is a blockchain-based review platform, this is designed to encourage users and businesses to collaborate and engage healthily. The team of Revain created a two-token system, REV and RVN.

  1. REV- It is a cryptocurrency of Revain, it is publicly available in various popular exchanges.

    It runs on Ethereum and TRON networks, and it is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, according to


  2. RVN- Revain also created a stable coin, to encourage people to participate in the review process.

    This coin will be used exclusively inside the Revain system. The main uses are:


      1. Rewarding users for providing high-quality reviews.

      2. Punishing businesses for slanted reviews.

      3. Users are being punished for not complying with the platform's guidelines.



What it has achieved so far?

  1. Revain has a one-of-a-kind blockchain approach. It using the immutability feature of decentralized systems.

    (immutability means nobody can change the data in the blockchain).


  2. Revain has created a platform that provides a reliable understanding of companies and products. People and readers will be able to make well-informed decisions as a result of this.

  3.  The application of artificial intelligence has dramatically improved the quality of reviews, resulting in the creation of an automatic filter that rejects low-quality and false reviews as the first filter.


Current market value



REV price is $0.006338 at the time of writing. The total market cap of REV is $688M. There is a total supply of 86B REV coins in the market. The peak price so far for REV was around $4.

It is listing in the major cryptocurrency exchanges and after some ups and downs, it is gradually climbing.  It is now in the #90nd position in the top 100 cryptocurrencies according to coinmarketcap, which is quite amusing.


Should you invest in it?

In my view, cryptocurrencies have been growing and it seems that nothing can stop the growth, we all know the last few months were not good for cryptocurrencies in the world,

But this is merely a phase that will soon pass, and we can expect it to pick up speed in the next few months. So, if you're thinking about buying REV, simply wait a while and see how the market reacts.


What do you think about Revain?

The concept is novel; building an unbiased review platform that eliminates fraudulent reviews is what the market desperately requires. Revain has an advantage over other cryptocurrencies due to this requirement, as well as the project's originality making it a token with enormous potential. 


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