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Top 5 Cardano launchpads 2022

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Launchpad is an important player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.


In the age of decentralized finance, everyone has an equal opportunity to launch a token-based startup that will propel them to new heights.


Most importantly, the average user and retail investor now have the chance to participate in something that they would not have been able to do otherwise.


And for that launchpads are came as a new way to get participation.


In this blog, we will be going to check out the launchpad from the Cardano blockchain.


Launchpad 1

Launchpad 2

Launchpad 3

Launchpad 4

Launchpad 5


We are gonna talk about some hottest launchpads in the Cardano ecosystem. These launchpads are aiming to be the leader in shaping the Defi space for the Cardano ecosystem.


So the first one on my list is,


Occam finance


Occam finance - Cardano Launchpad is the first and most significant addition to Cardano’s rapidly expanding DeFi ecosystem.


The first component of s ecosystem is its decentralized funding platform or launchpad called OccamRazer.


Through this launchpad, the next generation of disruptive Cardano applications can undertake significant capital raises through OccamRazer’s IDO capabilities.


In it, you can find a snippet of recent projects whose IDO is gonna happen next in the Occam Razor launchpad.


Right now at this moment, there are lots of new projects being released in the OccamRazor launchpad, some of them are NFT projects some of them are crypto projects.


By the way, I have covered meow swap in one of my past videos you can check out my youtube channel for that, and if you want to know more about recent Cardano projects, you can check it out by visiting my blog here.


Now, if you want to participate in any project you have to do research, right, and for that, they give you all of the key information about the projects, where you can view projects information, team, contracts, and all of the important info about the project. has come up in the market in the early days of Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem and from that time it has launched Cardano’s most promising projects, projects that today play a pivotal role in shaping this flourished ecosystem.


If you do the right amount of research and join the presale of any projects in the Occam you will surely get a minimum of 10x gain.




Cardstarter - Cardano Launchpad


Cardstarter is the first insured project accelerator for Cardano.


And it is a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early-stage Cardano innovators with its community of donors.


Cardstarter will provide CARDS holders early access and guaranteed allocations to seed rounds, presale, and private sales of Cardano projects.


In the past Cardwallet has launched many big projects like Gerowallet, ridotto, and many more which are doing a wonderful job in the crypto industry,


Right now Cardstarter has its launchpad and accelerators, and it has a plan to provide token engineering, security audits, graphical end web 3, social media awareness, and branding support to its users.


Vent finance


Vent finance - Cardano Launchpad


Vent finance is the easiest way to research, apply and invest in early crypto projects.


And if you ask me, then Vent is among the frontrunner, in December alone they have planned to conduct IDOs of five projects.


Vent is the simplest way to research, apply and purchase tokens or crypto-assets in early-stage projects on Cardano, and it has a long list of the projects which are conducting their IDOs in the vent finance.


And some of them are money-earning NFT projects which are doing very well in the market.


It provides access to new verified project forums, investment opportunities, screened factors such as KYC, and low transaction fees.


Vent is designed to ensure a robust and scalable solution, providing security, control, and transparency for its users. Every ventup service is audited to reduce the possibility of fraud, hacks, and rug pulls.




Cardence - Cardano Launchpad


Cardence is a Cardano-focused multi-chain decentralized presale platform, an IDO platform, an incubator, and an accelerator creating a trustless fundraising ecosystem for carefully vetted projects.


Cardence is the world’s first decentralized launchpad to offer the release of and the listing of the projects, affiliate marketing options, liquidity locker, and a mint functionality all together in a single platform.


Cardence ensures guaranteed participation of everyone on its platform.


it is currently running on Binance smart chains and will soon launch on Cardano.


Over time Cardence has made several partnerships with the major blockchain projects like chainlink, bitmart, dex-trade, and many more.


Currently Cardence is running two-tier system, the first one is guaranteed allocations in which you can stake CRDN and get allocations for IDOs or the second is I-Club in which you can take participate in the private sales of Cardence incubated projects.


In their app you can see that, they have recently done IDO for spinada projects and currently ADADAO another Cardano Defi project are lined up in Cardence.




SingularityDAO - Cardano Launchpad


This project belongs to the singularityNET. Yes, the same singularity which provides its kind marketplace for artificial intelligence services.


And the best part is, the team of singularityNET is the same team that has developed the world-famous AI known as Sophia, which is known as the first most expressive robot in the world.


SingularityDao provides a wide range of options to earn money, for that you just have to connect your wallet and after that :


You can become a liquidity provider where you can provide liquidity in its pool to get LP tokens and begin earning trading fees.


Or you can earn SDAO its utility token with yield farming in which you can stake your LP tokens in its yield farming portal to earn additional SDAO rewards.


But before that, you have to swap your eth for SDAO using the swap function.


Currently, they are in eth and BSC but soon they have planned to come to Cardano.


and this is the list of top 5 Cardano Launchpads

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