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5 impressive crypto trends that will happen in 2022

Do you know? Defi came in 2019 and it exploded in 2020. NFT came in 2020, and it exploded in 2021, and now,  The metaverse and gaming cryptocurrency arrived in 2021. Will it explode just like Defi or NFT, or will there be some other explosion? let's find out.



5 tips for you before starting crypto trading

noneWhat came to mind when you heard the words cryptocurrency? "complicated". Isn't it? and the current volatility of the coins is the icing on the cake. In such cases, they tell us not to invest in cryptocurrency if we are unable to deal with its ups and downs. And in this blog, I will share five such tips with you that will help you immensely.



5 Truths Everyone Should Know About Cryptocurrency Trading

My experience in crypto has taught me that, there are certain truths in this world that you should know at any cost. And in this blog, I will be sharing 5 such truths with you, which I think everyone should know before it’s too late.



5 mistakes that you should avoid in crypto

In the last few years of my crypto trading journey, I have done several worst things and some of them have been extremely costly for me. So, in this blog, I'm going to share with you the top five worst things that I've done in the last few years, which you should avoid at all costs. Learn more here.



4 Crypto Books That Everyone Should Read

Do you want to improve your crypto knowledge? Are you looking for some decent resources about cryptocurrencies? Or, Are you seeking information on how to invest in bitcoin and altcoins? So, in this blog, I'm going to talk about four crypto books that they will surely help you to level up your knowledge extensively. 



5 reasons why crypto trading is better than other forms of trading

This question has been asked by the majority of people on numerous occasions. But let me tell you, it is a legit question, because if there were no exceptional gains, why would anyone be willing to trade? Right! And in this blog, I am going to tell you 5 reasons why crypto trading is better than other forms of trading.



7 things you should know before start investing in crypto

Traders often say that, in trading, you are in charge of your own business, and you can work from anywhere and at any time. That's not true, though. The market only rewards people who work hard, and it punishes people who don't follow through with their trading plan. And in this blog, I'll tell you 7 things you should know before investing in cryptocurrency.



How to survive in crypto market?

In trading, there is only one unit of measure. Either you win or you lose. There is no other way. Making money is right. Losing money is wrong. And in this blog, I'll share some of them with solutions that will help you survive in this vast crypto ocean.



What is a Crypto Trading Bot?

Many crypto coins, such as bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and others, are highly volatile in terms of trading, which helps the traders to make a profit from their price movements. However, traders are also human, and there are times when they are unable to react quickly to price, and in that case, a crypto bot is required.



The easiest 5-minute scalping strategy using True Strength Indicator

You are using a lot of indicators but still didn’t get the desired result while doing trade, instead, you have lost more money than gain in the last few days of trading, and you're doing something very wrong, In this blog, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of becoming a successful profitable scalper while risking the least amount of money possible through one of the best indicators out there, the True Strength Indicator.



7 crypto strategies everybody should know about

Cryptocurrency investors had a very good year in 2021. Of course, some coins will also skyrocket this year in the same way that they will in 2022. So if you don’t want to lose that bus, and if you're looking for a way to start trading, this blog will teach you the fundamentals of crypto trading which will help you get some favorable returns.



How to spot pump and dump in cryptocurrency market: Exchange Flow Method?

A few days back there was a sentiment of fear in the market, but suddenly a lot of buying happened and BTC pumped almost 2k up. but, do you really think that pump was organic? I don’t think so, The thing is, whales are controlling the market. But this will not happen again. Let's learn how?


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